The recent ConverTTable driving simulator – manufacturing and test drive

Behind-the scenes tour and demonstration of the manufacturing in Austria. Test drive to the core of the design furniture in a real Hi-Fi studio.
The recent ConverTTable driving simulator - manufacturing and test drive

From coffee table to a designer simulator cockpit
The times when you had to argue with your girlfriend about a game-race you desperately wished to play on your computer or console now belong to the past: one flick of the wrist and your ConverTTable undergoes a smooth transformation from a coffee table into a gaming cockpit that can be hooked up with your existing playstation or computer. The newly-developed ConverTTable together now with a RECARO seat and a Shaker System from RACE-STAR provides you with the right racing – atmosphere and within seconds you easily slip into the shoes of a formula-one star.

The ConverTTable at german TV Kabel 1
Markus Rumpold (, inventor of the ConverTTable, presented his most recent model on the broadcast “Abenteuer Leben täglich Wissen”, hosted by Marc Bosch. The programme presented various gaming simultations, from handmade to professional products. The ConverTTable could stand the test of a dedicated user best and emerged from that competition as a top of the line gaming simultation as well as a piece of furniture, featuring flawless design.
Clip of the programme:

The production at Rene Innovatives Wohnen in Austria
ConverTTables are proudly made in Austria, crafted by Rene Innovatives Wohnen. During the making of the programme, Rene Peconik, head of the company, gives a behind-the scenes tour and demonstrates the precise practice to produce a coffe table and a cockpit all rolled into one. Marc Bosch gets the opportunity to witness craftmanship that leeads to this high-quality-furniture with his own eyes. The ConverTTable is produced following the saying: There are no limits to what carpentry can achieve! We accompany the ConverTTable from the production hall to the premises of the company Blödorn in Hartberg, where the ConverTTable is tested to the core in a real Hi-Fi studio that leaves no wish unanswered. Where men become kids again.

The series ConverTTable
The ConverTTable subtly blends in delicately into a living room and can be used and hooked up with existing devices such as a TV-set or a sound station. When not in use, the ConverTTable looks like a fancy coffee table that can be, after coffee had been served and cookies had been eaten, turned into a multi-functional racing cockpit featuring a bucket seat, a steering wheel, gas plus other gears and a keyboard – all that without striking a blow.
The ConverTTable base model, priced at EUR 5.433,– incl. Vat, is available in the combination white/wood, features an extraordinarily durable plastic-surface and includes the RECARO sport-seat, Shaker System, a Porsche GT3RS wheel and ClubSport pedals.

The Custom ConverTTable
There are no holds barred for he demanding taste though: whoever wants to have his/her own colour-combinations realized goes for a customized version! The ConverTTable Custom comes with painted surfaces as well as the option of painted or real wooden side walls, priced at EUR 6.133,– incl. Vat.

For more information on our ConverTTabe please visit: Please find on the website high resolution pictures according to the press release at “Press”.
ConverTTable is a project by, founded by Ing. Markus Rumpold in 2008. Adding to the ConverTTable, is also distributor in Austria of high-quality simulation-cockpits by RACE-STAR (Made in Germany) and by Playseat.

ConverTTable – Ing. Markus Rumpold
Markus Rumpold
Holzinnovationszentrum 1A
8740 Zeltweg

Ing. Markus Rumpold
Markus Rumpold
Holzinnovationszentrum 1A
8740 Zeltweg