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How to take Revenge on your Enemies – Horse Nuggets as a Gift

Anonymus and Ingenious Vengeance – Fast, cheap, very efficacious

How to take Revenge on your Enemies - Horse Nuggets as a Gift

A Good Revenge Idea

There are many occasions in life when you may feel hurt. They can be of a private character, but there is also work and then there are your colleagues or superiours and last not least bureaucrats or politicians, who drive you mad.

The one who comes first in search results with “revenge” is the ex. It is clear that the ex is no good. Else he or she would simply not be an ex you would still think of. The mere existence of an ex is an offence, a crying shame, which needs to be punished. Along with it go infidelity, side affairs, separation and divorce. Thank heaven you do not have to rack your brains in order to find a good revenge idea when ditched or whatever.

Then there are the neighbours, often just a pest, a nuisance, noisy, boldfaced, impertinent. Especially the Brits seem to have a problem with their neighbours, other then the Americans for example. This is probably due to living conditions in rented flats instead of own homes. Anyway: They deserve your georgeous shitty revenge gift too.

Your colleagues or work mates as well as your boss may belong to another group of enemies, that may cause you stomach ache and ugly pimples. There is unjustified gossip, criticism and callousness. They all claim to know better what has to be done and how. This is obviously wrong. You got the expertise, so send them their piece of shit they deserve.

And then your friends who talk a bit to much behind you back and leak out information and little secrets to others, who should not know. A few shitty horse nuggets are the right answer for such betrayal.

So this may go on and on. But as your mind boggles already, the ideas bubble up and you see your enemies queuing to receive their fair revenge gift, this may be enough for now.

Anyhow, here is the address of your lovely revenge shop. Easy payment through Papal for example, nice wrappings and sizes, very discrete and completely anonymous:

Distribution of an amusing and powerful Revenge Gift on all occasions.

Shitty Revenge Gift
G. Beckmann
Wentzingerstr. 33
79106 Freiburg
0761 700 650

interconnections medien & reise e.K.
Georg Beckmann
Schillerstr. 44
79102 Freiburg
0761 700 650

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