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Handelsgold Sweet Chocolate Cigarillos 9 out of 10 people like chocolate

Handelsgold Sweet Chocolate Cigarillos   9 out of 10 people like chocolate

“The 10th is lying.” Based on this traditional saying, another tasty surprise has reached stores: the Handelsgold Sweet Chocolate Cigarillos. While some now have a further top-selling product, others can please their palate with additional taste variations like Peach, Cherry, Vanilla and Classic.

International sales have tripled since the introduction of Handelsgold Sweets. The attractive price, trendy aromas and an attention grabbing presentation at the POS cause price sensitive smokers to spontaneously pick Handelsgold Sweets. The Sweets are in especially high demand in the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece and Eastern Europe, and Austrians and the Swiss have also acquired a taste for them.

Now the new flavor “Sweet Chocolate” has arrived with a sweetened mouthpiece, a pleasurable chocolate aroma and a dark wrapper. In the proven 5 pack, of course, and for a sensationally affordable price. Depending on available space, there are several forms of merchandise presentation available: the large Handelsgold Tower or the Handelsgold dispenser, the counter display or the shelf.

In 2011, Handelsgold can continue to rely on the proven recipe for success by harmonically connecting innovation and tradition.

Das Haus Arnold André wurde 1817 gegründet und ist heute Deutschlands größter Cigarren- und zweitgrößter Cigarillo-Hersteller.

Marken wie Handelsgold, Tropenschatz und Vasco da Gama sind aus der
Genusswelt des Tabaks nicht mehr wegzudenken.

Die erfolgreiche Verbindung von Tradition und Innovation zeigt sich
insbesondere bei den Cigarillos des Klassikers Clubmaster und der
Trendmarke Independence, wodurch das Haus Arnold André dem deutschen Cigarrenmarkt in den letzten Jahren neuen Auftrieb gegeben hat.

Zum Portfolio zählen u.a. auch die Longfiller-Marken Macanudo und León Jimenes aus der Dominikanischen Republik.

Arnold André – The Cigar Company
Konstanze Marth
Moltkestraße 10-18
32257 Bünde

Headware GmbH
Beatriz Dirksen
Dollendorfer Straße 34
53639 Königswinter

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