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Fall/winter season 2017/18

Be inspired! New ideas for attractive textile surfaces

Fall/winter season 2017/18

The metallic thread METY play a major role and surprise with new geometric shapes

GUNOLD GmbH presents new and unprecedented new colors and structures at the PVA in Paris in hall 4 at booth B26 from September 13-15, 2016. For the fall/winter season 2017/18 ideas are inspired by nature or seem to be rather technical in structure, a touch of luxury included. The great diversity of innovative threads developed by the German thread specialist has truly reached a new dimension

Discover a variety of organic shapes inspired by nature bearing a resemblance to stones minerals, sea plants or wood. GUNOLD uses matt threads such as wool-like FILAINE and cotton thread COTTY together with the metallic threads from the METY collection adding accents rich in contrast. Novel, seemingly tech-inspired effects, fascinate thanks to innovative three-dimensionality. Here the viscose thread SULKY, the shiny foil thread GLITTER and the metallic thread METY play a major role and surprise with new geometric shapes. Imperfection, random constructions and irregular shapes add a touch of luxury and present a new way of showing the multifaceted variety of high-quality threads from GUNOLD. Viscose, cotton, polyester as well as metallic threads are all being used and are sometimes enhanced or framed by the luxury threads POLYMET and FILAMET

“We are looking very much forward to this year”s fall edition of the PVA”, Head of Marketing Stephan Gunold remarks. He and his team are well prepared for this important fair in Paris. “We really did go all out to create new ideas for thread variations.” For the first time these presented at the PVA to inspire designers to create new unusual surface designs for the fall season of 2017/18, and last but not least to highlight a new perceived value of textiles. For this GUNOLD will bring along the following thread novelties:

Gunold offers the two thread innovations FILAMET and POLYMET for customers under the motto “Create your own color scheme”. Designers may select one color each from the color cards of the wool-like thread FILAINE with its 129 different shades and from the metallic thread METY with its 38 different shades to create their very special individual thread. – FILAMET – The same is true for the polyester thread POLY with its 300 different shades and METY. – POLYMET. Thus there are almost no limits to the variety of combinations.

This pure cotton thread impresses with its matt structure and is always the right choice if, for example, a typical “handmade” look is desired
Since cotton is in high demand for the current fashion trend “back to nature”, GUNOLD now offers additional 64 new trend colors, which are available in strengths 30 and 12 together with a new special color card.

For the first time GUNOLD presents CRY, an innovative reflective thread that consists of a polyamide core encased by thousands of microscopic glass beads. Retro-reflection is the magic word. Retro-reflection occurs when a reflective material returns the impinging radiation to the direction of the radiation source, largely independent of the direction of the reflector. Reflective appliques , seams and embroidery designs are visible from afar and not only serve the protection of the wearer , but also produce fascinating effects in the dark

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The successful foil thread GLITTER (a polyester / polyethylene blend ), which comes in shades of gold , silver , red, blue , green and multicolor is now available in a 6000m make-up and thus considerably cheaper. GLITTER allows fascinating shiny effects for impressive embroidery and breaks light like a hologram – ideal for large-scale designs in the clothing and accessories.
The metallic thread METY (a metal coated polyester/polyamid thread) adds shimmering effects in glamorous gold and silver tones to any project. 30 coloured shades also ensure colorful diversity-. It adds a stylish touch to everything, from clothing to home textiles or precious accessories.
The trendy wool-like thread FILAINE is the expert for rustic embroideries with that
typical needlework look and despite its fine woolen structure FILAINE is extremely robust during processing and particularly convincing through high tear and rub resistance

GUNOLD at the PVA, 13-15- September 2016,
Hall 4, booth B26
Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris


GUNOLD GmbH holds a key role in the embroidery industry, offering a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs and continuously expanding its state-of-the-art range of upper threads, bobbin threads, stabilisers, needles, as well as effect fabrics, foils and temporary adhesive sprays. GUNOLD and its two subsidiaries in Canada and the USA, with more than 30 distributors and over 100 employees is a well-known and trusted partner for every embroiderer worldwide. The renowned company, based in Stockstadt, Germany offers solely innovative, premium high quality products mainly produced in Europe. The in-house production in Germany and Switzerland of SULKY (viscose embroidery thread) POLY (polyester thread) and BOBBY (bobbin thread) meets highest requirements to protect the environment. Since 2003 GUNOLD has been dedicated to inspiring people of the embroidery industry through specialist education and training. A great number of embroiderers, digitizers and key players of the fashion industry have already attended the annually changing seminar program in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, GUNOLD offers an online shop for registered customers and stays in contact with customers on Facebook. The maxim has always been to increase productivity and to inspire creativity in the embroidery industry.

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63811 Stockstadt
06027 20080

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