Design perfected: UNO 24 NEO one hand watch from Klaus Botta

The UNO 24 one-hand watch concept developed by Klaus Botta is still unique, as no other watch enables the 24 hours of a day to be grasped as intuitively. Is it in fact possible to improve upon a modern design classic like the UNO 24?

Design perfected: UNO 24 NEO one hand watch from Klaus Botta

UNO 24 NEO – a modern design classic rethought – by Klaus Botta

Thanks to its revolutionary display principle, the UNO 24 has repeatedly won internationally acclaimed design awards and has been included in the collections of design and architecture museums.

Is it in fact possible to improve upon a modern design classic like the UNO 24?

The creative team at Botta-Design took up the challenge and went back to the drawing board to thoroughly rethink the UNO 24 display principle. A whole host of new ideas emerged during a complex design process – concerning the hand, dial, scale and use of colour – though most of them were quickly rejected. Just a few designs showed potential and were approved for the next round of the process. Ultimately, only the two most convincing concepts endured. Klaus Botta calls the result the UNO 24 NEO.

The newly designed dial gives the UNO 24 NEO models an uncluttered, poised and high-precision feel. At the same time, the 15% longer hand makes optimal use of the dial”s diameter, allowing the time to be told with greater accuracy.

The 24-hour hand and the four quadrants in the light-coloured version are accentuated in a striking orange tone, which means that the dial orientation and hand position are immediately obvious.

The latest findings of perception research were applied when designing the dark-coloured version – it has been found that the human eye reacts with particular sensitivity to the colour green in low light conditions. The striking green quadrants therefore make it easy to tell the time even when there is little ambient light. This is also facilitated by the hand, which is made of finely brushed stainless steel. It absorbs the ambient light and reflects all of it back to the wearer.

Klaus Botta also has good news for those who prefer the conventional UNO 24 models – classic designs naturally remain part of the Botta-Design range long-term.

Until 30 November 2013, both versions of the UNO 24 NEO can be ordered at a special advance purchase price that includes a EUR50.00 discount (prices start at EUR298.00 rather than the normal EUR348.00). Shipping will begin in early December 2013.

Technical specifications: stainless steel housing, sapphire glass,
RONDA 515 24H Swiss-made movement, waterproof to 3 bar, Ø 40 mm, total height 7.2 mm, visible height approx. 4.5 mm

dark dial variant also available as Black Edition
leather strap, rubber strap, stainless steel link strap in same colour as housing

“Things become clearer when you reduce them to their bare essentials.”
Klaus Botta developed the UNO one-hand watch in line with this philosophy back in 1986. Ever since, he has been considered the inventor of the modern one-hand watch – and the pioneer responsible for inspiring a whole series of one-hand watches made by other manufacturers.
Klaus Botta has been designing and creating wristwatches for clients like Junghans AG, Bestform and Watch People since 1986. Botta-Design wristwatches have already received 50 renowned design awards, both in Germany and abroad. Some of them are exhibited in the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design and the Museum für angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Art) in Frankfurt.
Watches from Botta-Design are characterized by a concentration on the bare essentials. The salient design features of every Botta-Design wristwatch are functional clarity and a high degree of technical aesthetic which is underlined by the choice of materials and the precision of the workmanship.

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