Concrete cruising guaranteed: The Soul Surfer Longboard

The limited edition Völkl Soul Surfer Longboard, with its distinctive Soul Surfer design, has just hit the “creet, delivering pure surf feel, ride after ride.

Concrete cruising guaranteed: The Soul Surfer Longboard

Völkl Snowboards Soul Surfer Longboard

This summer is going to be laid back with the Völkl Soul Surfer Longboard.

Völkl Snowboards has teamed up with the German makers of fine long skate decks CASINO LONGBOARDS and built a limited edition longboard version of their Soul Surfer snowboard. Only eighty of these exclusive decks have been produced, each one high-end and one of a kind.

Together with Casino Longboard”s we have pumped the Völkl Soul Surfer longboard full of the same amazing ride quality and feel as in Völkl”s Soul Surfer snowboard. And while the snowboard cruises groomers and pow, this Mini Malibu shape longboard does the same in the streets.

The Völkl Soul Surfer”s wood veneer is pure cult surf retro, while Völkl”s Grip Lacquer on the topsheet imparts true hold, even in the tightest of turns.

Premium Carver C7 pump trucks complete the Soul Surfer setup, making it the ultimate concrete carve machine. With additional lateral movement in the front trucks you get that true surf feel never before experienced on the streets. Push once and you”ll glide forever; pump like you”re surfing or shredding pow and pile on the speed; shift from toe to heel and carve like you”re waist deep in freshies or on first peak at Malibu. The Soul Surfer Longboard is concrete cruising at its best.

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Since Völkl”s conception, more than 90 years ago, our goal has remained the same: to build outstanding products, with unbeatable riding characteristics.
Our motivation is happy shredder! It”s their ultimate ride that we live and work for.
But what really sets us apart from the competition is our in-house research and development department. They try, test and incorporate new high-tech materials into our products, which other brands haven”t even heard of. In so doing we forever better the performance of our gear, staying one step ahead of the progression of snowboarding.
If technology is the brain of Völkl Snowboards, our team riders are its heart. They are out there every day, putting our boards to the test in the most extreme conditions.
As a result, only technology that has proved its worth in powder, pipe or park, is incorporated into our line, so more happy customers.
As long as the snow keeps falling our aims won”t change for the next 90 years… ever improving, more tech products that make your snowboard experience better.
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