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C-CLOCK Luxury wall clock made of concrete

C-CLOCK Luxury wall clock made of concrete

C-CLOCK Luxury wall clock made of concrete

Conrete. Timeless. Universal. In demand. For more than 100 years concrete has not just been in use for buildings but for pieces of art, accessories, furniture and much more. Also clocks exist in numerous forms and colours – usually massive, rough and with contrasting clock faces and hands.

A concrete clock of the special kind is being created by the C-CLOCK-manufactory in affectionate handcraft. The result is a top class clock searching for its match in sophistication. C stands for the function, the material and the social commitment. C stands for carbon, concrete and charity. C stands for both clock and manufactory.

In collaboration with designers, architects, clock makers and material researchers the clock is created in today’s typical form and material combination. Beside pure concrete, high quality carbon and natural diamonds are being used. An only 8mm thin sheet of concrete forms the clock face only refined by the square stampings at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock as well as the distinctive C-logo. Every single C is fabricated with a minute and an hour hand only, true to the adage less is more. Owing to the consciously recessed clockwork the clock seems to float in front of the wall marking its striking sophistication and lightness. After the affective completion and verification down to the last detail a C-CLOCK leaves the manufactory in a high quality packaging.

The basic material as well as the contributors involved in the process of its creation have been awarded among others with the GreenTec Award, the German Sustainability Award as well as the German Future Prize – the award of the German Federal President.


Frank Schladitz
Brandiser Straße 17
04824 Beucha

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