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The Tempting Call of Fashion – Off To Munich!

Gunold“s new ideas for embroidery at Munich Fabric Start, Hall H1, booth E15B

The Tempting Call of Fashion - Off To Munich!

Examples Design sample books

For the upcoming spring edition of the Munich Fabric Start fashion show, from February 5-7, 2013, at M.O.C, Munich, Gunold the renowned German supplier for the embroidery industry, will present their brand new and exceptionally creative embroidery ideas. True to the motto “ Off to Munich -Visit the Gunold Think Tank!“ trade show visitors will get inspired in hall H1 at Gunold“s booth E 15B.

„For the Munich show, we have quite a lot of unusual and exceptionally creative ideas in store, all focusing on our core business -embroidery“, explains Stephan Gunold, responsible for Marketing. „Our new and elaborate design sample books demonstrate how embroideries come to life with the use of different techniques and materials, thus our designers have put great emphasis in combining different embellishing elements. Our selection of different patterns will show you how striking the combination of innovative materials and techniques can be. On top, all these fresh ideas can be easily implemented- an important factor we have always been proud of and this will continue to be one of our highest priorities. “

Creative Embroideries „Getting Ready for Solos or Duets“

Either as a „solo“ performance or in a „duet“ with printing, lasing, engraving- Gunold is going to share all innovative and creative ideas for embroideries and as always supports you with expert advice. In addition the team based in Stockstadt has also created new ideas for seams by turning them into embellishments. Creating the design sample books, the design team was able to take advantage of the manifold products offered by Gunold. After all, the renowned company offers a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs. Different upper threads, stabilizers, as well as effect fabrics and auxiliary products have all been used to demonstrate their versatility. It goes without saying that Gunold will also present numerous product novelties. Designers might appreciate that every page of the design sample books can be emailed as a PDF document on special request. That way, the creative people among tradeshow visitors will be able to have a look at each page in peace and quiet. This makes it easy and convenient to decide where and how they might want to use those amazing different techniques and materials in future fashion collections- even after the show. Well, a visit at the Gunold booth E 15B in hall H 1 will certainly be worth your while.

GUNOLD“s New Products for Spring 2013

The wool-like embroidery thread FILAINE is now available in 21 brand new, trendy colors, giving a fresh creative impetus to summer fashion and a cozy feeling to winter clothes. The new fashion colors, ranging from earth tone/berry colors to clean/cold colors perfectly complement the already existing 108 different FILAINE colors. And for that extraordinary effect of your embroidery design, just combine the wool-like FILAINE with the glossy viscose embroidery thread SULKY or with the silk embroidery thread SILK. FILAINE, made of 100% acrylic, has a fine woolen structure nevertheless it is extremely robust and particularly convincing through high tear and rub resistance thus it is even recommended for embroideries on jeans. Not to forget, it is ideal for precious embroideries on woolens or knits, vintage style patterns for traditional costumes or colorful ethnic clothes. FILAINE is perfect for rustic embroideries with that typical needlework look. This special thread is certified according to Oeko Tex Standard 100, class 1, the highest category and is available on Miniking cones of 1000 m each.

Now GUNOLD has the right product for embroideries on waterproof or water-repellent fabrics. Just apply THERMOSEAL to the back of your embroidery using a heat press and the design becomes completely waterproof. Water and moisture will not penetrate the fabric through the tiny embroidery needle punctures. Rain gear, outdoor jackets, functional clothing can be embroidered and everybody stays dry- use on work clothes e.g. for road construction, gardening and for all outdoor jobs.

The structured fabric STEP that looks remarkably identical to lock-stitch embroidery and is therefore ideal for emblems has now a lot more stability. Instead of an iron-on coating, it is now finished with a strong, durable and fusible nonwoven (STIFFY 1950 B) on the back. Therefore emblems have not only more stability but processing this material gets a lot easier for the embroiderer.
Rather perfect results can be achieved with laser cut appliqué patches made of STEP as the laser process welds together the cut edges thus preventing the appliqué from fraying. STEP is available in ten popular colours, on rolls of 75 cm x 3 m and 75 cm x 10 m.

A fine and smooth yet tear-resistant bobbin thread is indispensable for the processing and the special impact of embroideries. BOBBY is the ideal complement for high-quality upper threads. This under thread is made of polyester and is available in black and white.
Believe it or not but the new bobbin thread BOBBY MAXI is available on 15,000m cones. BOBBY MAXI is available in black and white, weight 100 and the price is unbeatable!


GUNOLD GmbH holds a key role in the embroidery industry, offering a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs and continuously expanding its state-of-the-art range of upper threads, bobbin threads, stabilisers, needles, as well as effect fabrics, foils and temporary adhesive sprays. GUNOLD and its two subsidiaries in Canada and the USA, with more than 30 distributors and over 100 employees is a well-known and trusted partner for every embroiderer worldwide. The renowned company, based in Stockstadt, Germany offers solely innovative, premium high quality products mainly produced in Europe. The in-house production in Germany and Switzerland of SULKY (viscose embroidery thread) POLY (polyester thread) and BOBBY (bobbin thread) meets highest requirements to protect the environment. Since 2003 GUNOLD has been dedicated to inspiring people of the embroidery industry through specialist education and training. A great number of embroiderers, digitizers and key players of the fashion industry have already attended the annually changing seminar program in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, GUNOLD offers an online shop for registered customers and stays in contact with customers on Facebook. The maxim has always been to increase productivity and to inspire creativity in the embroidery industry.

Stephan Gunold
Obernburger Str. 125
63811 Stockstadt
06027 20080

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Iris Schlomski
Nordhäuser Str. 34
37115 Duderstadt
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