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The first premium-guide for luxury eco-fashion

The old and dusty image of boring eco-look is about to be gone forever.

The first premium-guide for luxury eco-fashion

The new home of luxury eco-fashion

In the new online guide for sustainable fashion, only the best designers and the finest pieces are presented. It features all the fashion designers of the future in one place!

The „Future Fashion Guide“ is celebrating its launch: Since the 1st of September 2012 there is a bilingual online portal with innovative usability and a magazine section. Transparency and up-to-date content are at the forefront, and offer visitors a valuable source of information for orientation in the pool of exclusive, sustainable designer brands. A Store Guide for easy to find eco-fashion boutiques, is also on board.

Non toxic, fairly and sustainably produced high-fashion is one of the big, upcoming trends. The old and dusty image of boring eco-looks is about to be gone forever. While small, exclusive designer labels bring more and more sustainable collections to the market, global players like Puma and H&M once in a while start small sustainable test series, to prepare for major changes in their production processes. The biggest fashion trend forecaster in the world ( sees a soon reached tipping point for the industry, where sustainable high-fashion is becoming a major trending topic.

The basic idea of ??the new portal is that switching to sustainable fashion should be as easy as choosing organic food or switching to green electricity.

For the first time fashion lovers can easily opt for a sustainable product of the same quality and aesthetics. Common prejudices against the style of eco-fashion are dispersed at the first glance of the front page.

The Future Fashion Guide would like to express sensuality and sensibility in a balance and open the door to the world of sustainable fashion world once and for all.

The stylistic range of the most desirable eco-brands is as great as their price-range. For small purses, as well as for the luxury customers there are highest quality products which are ethically and ecologically produced.

Among the better-known brands, there are also labels like Lanius (ladies), Atelier Awash (men) and Organic by John Patrick. But also AIKYOU (underwear), Junky (Upcycling from London) and edelziege (exlklusive cashmere-goat) are estimated at connoisseurs. Innovative newcomers such as Lykke & César (shoes from Portugal) are also represented in the guide.

Avant Garde is no longer a pure style attribute – Avant Garde gets a brand new, additional scene: The entire life cycle of a fashion product comes into focus and has to prove the innovation skills of the designers when it comes to eco-friendliness and philanthropy.

Stylistic trends will therefore be joined by values-trends in the future that will impose a extended demand for innovation on the fabric producers, and fashion designers.

For the discerning customer it gets easier and more enjoyable to wear fashion with a future, not least thanks to the new Future Fashion Guide.

The Future Fashion Guide is an ambitious startup by Anna Litwak & Aaron Bolte. As owners of a successful, green media agency, their passion for sustainable fashion led them to founding this platform. The guide is based in Germany and operating internationally in both, German and English language.

The Future Fashion Guide
Anna Litwak
Westfalendamm 289
44141 Dortmund

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