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The new UNO 24 titan one-hand watch from BOTTA design

The further development of the one-hand classic UNO 24 titan one-hand watch from BOTTA design Königstein i. Ts., November 19th 2018: Presenting the 24 hours of the day with a single rotation of the watch hand was the basic idea behind the UNO 24. Klaus Botta, known as the pioneer of one-hand watches, developed the … Weiterlesen »


Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus – one-hand 24-hour watch

The entire day at a glance Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus watch – The entire day at a glance. Königstein im Taunus, 20 December 2016: Eight years after the first one-hand 24-hour watch was developed, Botta-Design is now bringing out a new, larger model. Botta-Design watches are always characterized by unconventional display principles and strikingly clean … Weiterlesen »


Botta-Design UNO watch – the one-hand original now in titanium

Klaus Botta presents a significantly smaller and lighter titanium version of his successful UNO one-hand watch series The pictured UNO Titan one-hand watch shows the time as being 1.38 – or simply twenty to two. Klaus Botta designed the world’s very first one-hand wristwatch back in 1986 – the UNO. It has meanwhile become a … Weiterlesen »


Slim. Lightweight. Titanium: „NOVA Titan“ one-hand watch

„NOVA Titan“ from BOTTA-Design: the high-tech one-hand watch NOVA Titan one-hand watch from Botta-Design In 1986, Klaus Botta presented the world’s first one-hand watch – the UNO. His latest one-hand model, the NOVA Titan, takes this pared-down principle one step further. The result is a minimalist watch that is in stark contrast to the trend … Weiterlesen »


UNO 24 NEO one-hand watch from Klaus Botta

The UNO 24 NEO one-hand watch concept enables the 24 hours of a day to be grasped intuitively. UNO 24 NEO one-hand watch by Botta-Design The UNO 24 NEO one-hand watch gives the wearer the chance to approach time in a completely new and far more conscious manner. It presents the entire day at a … Weiterlesen »


Design perfected: UNO 24 NEO one hand watch from Klaus Botta

The UNO 24 one-hand watch concept developed by Klaus Botta is still unique, as no other watch enables the 24 hours of a day to be grasped as intuitively. Is it in fact possible to improve upon a modern design classic like the UNO 24? UNO 24 NEO – a modern design classic rethought – … Weiterlesen »


Botta-Design DUO: dual time-zone one-hand watch

Watch manufacturer Botta-Design from Königstein presents its latest design: the DUO dual time-zone watch with improved readability. Botta-Design DUO world timer with dual time zones The multiple award-winning Botta-Design DUO world timer is the first dual time-zone watch to be based on the one-hand watch principle. When designing the watch face in 2011, the manufacturer … Weiterlesen »


Red Dot Award for \“DUO 24\“ world timer from Botta-Design

Only just launched, and already an award-winner: DUO 24 world timer from Botta-Design receives the Red Dot Design Award. DUO 24, the world“s first dual time-zone watch based on the one-hand principle has just been chosen for the Red Dot Design Award. The international jury picked out the DUO 24 for its outstanding design quality … Weiterlesen »