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Slim. Lightweight. Titanium: „NOVA Titan“ one-hand watch

„NOVA Titan“ from BOTTA-Design: the high-tech one-hand watch

Slim. Lightweight. Titanium: "NOVA Titan" one-hand watch

NOVA Titan one-hand watch from Botta-Design

In 1986, Klaus Botta presented the world’s first one-hand watch – the UNO. His latest one-hand model, the NOVA Titan, takes this pared-down principle one step further. The result is a minimalist watch that is in stark contrast to the trend towards ever larger and more complex timekeepers.

Rethinking the way time is displayed: timeframes rather than specific times

The NOVA Titan model is a one-hand watch for „advanced users“. Just like an hourglass, its minimalist hour-by-hour display indicates timeframes rather than individual minutes. Essentially, the time is displayed by two elements: an hour hand and a 12-hour scale with no additional subdivisions.
To tell the time, the wearer looks at the position of the hand between the hourly markings.

Although this may sound at first as if something has been taken away from the watch, it is actually an enrichment in line with Klaus Botta“s philosophy of a more relaxed pace of life: „We spend our everyday lives chasing the minutes – which causes tension and stress. The NOVA Titan one-hand watch allows wearers to reacquaint themselves with the natural passage of time, giving rise to a sense of calm and serenity.“

NOVA one-hand watch: lightweight thanks to pure titanium

The idea of reducing the watch to its bare essentials was also applied to the case design of the NOVA Titan: the watch, which measures a very slim 4.9 mm and weighs an extremely light 32 grams, is hardly noticeable when worn on the wrist. This was achieved not only by using high-tech titanium but also thanks to a sophisticated case design. Watches have to withstand enormous stress when worn on the wrist, and must not suffer any damage as a result. Extensive testing during the development phase resulted in the sturdy monobloc design of the case. This makes the watch very stable, despite its slim 40 mm dimensions and delicate appearance, and allows the forces exerted upon it to be optimally absorbed and distributed.

Thought-out to the last detail

The sloped sides of the underside of the case allow the wearer“s wrist maximum freedom of movement. This special design makes the one-hand watch as a whole appear slimmer: at its thinnest point, the case measures a mere 2.9 mm. The NOVA Titan model features an elegantly understated appearance and can be worn comfortably even under close-fitting clothing.

The display principle of the NOVA Titan is also available in two 44 mm stainless steel versions, with a quartz movement or an ETA 2824.2 automatic movement.

technical specifications
Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 2.9 to 4.9 mm
Weight: 32.0 g
Movement: RONDA 1062 Swiss-made
Case material: 100% titanium
Glass type: double-domed sapphire glass with scratchproof anti-reflective coating on both sides
Water resistance: 3 ATM
Special features: one-hand watch, anti-allergenic
Manufactured in: Germany

Advanced purchase price from EUR 448.00

BOTTA-Design. A Pioneer in Single-Hand Watch Design

Klaus Botta’s design philosophy has had a considerable influence in the watchmaking industry. Introduced in 1986, his UNO watch was actually the very first single-hand watch worldwide. Chronographs by BOTTA-Design have long since become classics and are on display in the world’s most renowned museums. More than 50 international awards are proof to the exceptional level of expertise in design. The entire collection including more mechanical and quartz-controlled wristwatches has been developed and designed at the company’s headquarters in Königstein. All watches are produced in specialized factories in Germany to ensure highest quality and longevity.
Designed in Germany, hand-made in Germany

Klaus Botta
Klosterstraße 15a
61462 Königstein im Taunus
+49 6174 961188

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